Kinugawa Gourmet

We value seasonal
and local flavors.

Surely, the pleasure of trips is encountering the local flavors. Sunshine Kinugawa acquires mainly ingredients from Tochigi, the local area, and provides them in diverse styles of dishes, such as Japanese food trays and buffets featuring local specialties.


From local vegetables and river fish to brand-name beef and yuba (dried bean curd), delicious ingredients are in abundance in Tochigi. We treat our guests to Kinugawa-style cuisine, taking special care regarding aspects such as the flavors for each season and the culinary methods unique to the local area.

Two Styles of Cuisine

We offer two styles of cuisine: buffet dishes, featuring a large variety of hugely popular specialties,
and authentic Japanese food trays using local ingredients that are delicately and colorfully arranged.

Sunshine Buffet

From Japanese to Western to Chinese, there is a huge selection of popular flavors!
This is a buffet that can completely satisfy guests with an abundant selection of about 50 kinds of food.
For the menu offerings, we incorporate the opinions of our guests and continue to evolve on a daily basis.
Please eat however much you would like of whatever you would like, including selections such as huge
funamori (sashimi in boat-shaped trays),snow crab, steaming hot steak and tempura that chefs prepare right before your eyes, and more.

Sunshine Japanese Food Trays
Sunshine Japanese Food Trays

This is authentic kaiseki ryori (formally arranged meals) that guests can enjoy in their rooms or in private dining areas.
This cuisine, for which we have considered Tochigi's ingredients and put our hearts into carefully arranging,
is a selection of superb items that are tantalizing both in appearance and in taste.
Guests can be fully satisfied with a private meal while enjoying the excellence of the menu.

Also Enjoy Tochigi’s High-Quality Sake
with Your Meal

When enjoying the flavors of Tochigi, one mustn’t forget about the presence of the local, high-quality sake, which brings out those flavors even more. Tochigi, which is also known as a producer of excellent rice, is dotted with sake breweries with histories of producing delicious sake. At Sunshine Kinugawa, we acquire carefully selected local sake, and add it to our drink menu.

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