Hot Spring

The Story of
Kinugawa Hot Spring

The history of the Kinugawa Hot Spring began with the discovery of the hot spring in 1752. In the Edo period, the area gained popularity as a hot spring post town for various daimyo (feudal lords) and monks on their visits to Nikko. In the Meiji period, hot spring bathing was opened to the general public as well, and the area developed as a hot spring town visited by many travelers. Sunshine Kinugawa will thoroughly soothe travelers' fatigue with its substantial hot spring facilities, including large open-air baths, so that guests can relax and fully enjoy the hot springs of Kinugawa, which have treaded alongside history.

- Hot Spring Type:  Simple alkaline spring, undyed
- Efficacy: Muscular pain, joint pain, bruises, joint stiffness, recovery periods following illness,
fatigue recovery, beauty, etc.
- Hours of Operation:  Large baths, open air baths – 3:00 PM-12:00 AM, 5:00 AM-10:00 AM
(male and female baths switch between morning and night )
Private bath– 5:00 AM-11:00 PM (50 min./session; paid reservation system)


"Kikokubiyu" is a large public bath with black granite that reflects the greenery of Kinugawa's mountains onto the bath floor.
Guests can fully enjoy the scenery from season to season from the large open-air baths,
which overlook the Kinugawa River with the valleys in the background.


This is a large public bath constructed with white marble in which the colors of the four seasons sparkle.
Guests can gaze at the mountain scenery from the expansive, large windows.
They can also enjoy an open-air bath featuring natural stones overflowing with rustic beauty.

Private Bath


"Akane" is Sunshine Kinugawa's private bath, where guests can luxuriously enjoy a hot spring that warms them through and through.
Guests can enter the bath at the time of their preference,
whether it's while feeling the light of the sun or enjoying the night air.

One usage session/50 minutes; 2,500 yen (tax separate)
*Reservations are taken at the front desk from 2:00 PM on the applicable day. They are handled on a "first come, first served" basis.

The Creation of Female-Friendly Spaces

Sunshine Kinugawa has listened to the voices of its female guests, and has been fastidious in its creation of comfortable bath spaces as well. We also offer private, women-only powder rooms, which are helpful for aspects such as makeup and skincare after bathing. We have installed equipment such as steamed-equipped facial devices and ionic hairdryers.

Usage time: 3:00 PM-12:00 AM

How about Onsen Table Tennis?

For some reason, table tennis, which guests enjoy wearing yukata and with towels wrapped around their heads, is extremely popular after stepping out of the hot spring! The number of units is limited, but we offer table tennis tables and rental rackets. Please try enjoying this with your friends.

Fee: 500 yen/person (1 hour) (tax separate)

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